Timor Leste Coffee Sales

On offer now in Myrtleford and at EV Olives, Markwood.

We have WithOneBean/TradeWinds coffee. This is a premium Arabica coffee. The green beans are grown and harvested by subsistence farming communities in Timor Leste and roasted and packed in Australia. WithOneBean/TradeWinds returns 100% of the profits from coffee sales to environmental and educational projects in Timor Leste. In buying WithOneBean/TradeWinds coffee you are supporting:

  • Reforestation projects to make environments sustainable
  • Economic participation to ending poverty and hunger
  • Open education to build knowledge and
  • Regional partnerships

To learn more about Tradewinds/WithOneBean go to <http://tradewinds.org.au/>

Coffee, dark, ground or whole beans: 250g – $12
To buy coffee contact Barbara Broz
Home: (03) 5752 2051
Mobile: 0458 191 534
Email: sandbbroz@gmail.com

Year 9 Marian College

The complete Year 9 class from Marian College, Myrtleford ran an amazingly successful fundraising dinner early in Sept 2016. The presentation, food and entertainment was the best to be found almost anywhere. Congratulations and thanks to the students and the teachers who assisted them. The Dinner raised nearly $1000 which the students have allocated to Water and Sanitation works at Lacluta schools. What an effort!


Our Uni Students






Umbelina1 Eurico1Fortunato1

One of our earliest projects, the brainchild of Liz Walpole, was to provide scholarships to assist students to study at a University in Dili. From 2011 we have promised one girl and one boy $500 each year for 4 years.


Along the way there have been casualties. Our first male student John became sick with TB and had to leave his studies. Virginha who began in 2013 has struggled with the same sickness and this year has also been forced to quit.

On a brighter note, Anjela, our fist female student, will complete all of her studies this year and will do 6 months of practical teaching at San Antonio Senior Secondary School in Lacluta to complete her teaching course.

Julia, (1st photo) is studying Health Science and will finish this year. At present she is writing her thesis on Reproductive Health. She hopes to work in a health clinic in Viqueque or Lalcuta. She is also keen to study her masters in Indonesia.

Bentolino, is studying technical electronics and wants to do electrical work in the future. He comes from Laline.

Apeofilho is studying social science and would like be a teacher in multi-media in secondary school, or a journalist. He is in his 5th semester and currently he is doing a report about radio.

Januario is studying agriculture and is from Dilor.

Umbelina is studying to be a Teacher, and is from Dilor.

Eurico is studying political/social science, and is from Uma Tolu.

Fortunato (last photo) in his first year of university and is studying Industrial Engineering He is from Dilor and remembers FoL visiting his English class to write letters to the students from Marian College.

The other new student is Evarista who is studying Community Development at the Catholic Institute of Science.

June-July Trip 2015

“Bondia, Botardi, Bonoiti” (Good morning, good afternoon, Good evening/goodnight)

These welcoming words while walking about the village of Dilor are what is most fondly remembered by Elizabeth (8th visit), Karen (3rd visit) and Evan (1st visit) after their recent trip. The friendliness and warmth of the Timorese people is what keeps bringing us back.

While wandering the village socializing we also carried out various Friends of Lacluta business that included the distribution of equipment: more bikes, this time to 3 different schools; delivering Mother and baby Bags to the medical centre; balls (supplied by Footies4all) to every school; Mary McKillop readers to the outlying Primary Schools; English-Tetun Word finders to the Year 10 students; and play-based equipment to each of evan & bikesthe four Preschools in the various villages around the sub-district of Lacluta.

Evan (who often describes himself as a ‘Jack of all trades, Master of None’) was kept busy repairing bikes, computers, and lighting(in community buildings). Some of these useful skills will hopefully be able to be shared more formally on another visit.

Elizabeth and Karen enjoyed assisting in the PreSchool children’s learning whenever possible, and Karen is now known around the village as the ‘Cha Cha’ lady after singing and dancing with the many different classes in Dilor. It paintingscha cha ladywas also a joy to watch the children take such deliberate care and pride in their first painting experience.

For some of our time out in Dilor we were joined by other Wangaratta folk with a team from Appin Park Rotary Club, Rotaryand North East Health representative Lesley Lewis. The Rotary Club completed works at both Friendship House and the local Medical Centre, with Lesley building a connection with the medical community in Dilor, with a view to offer more support in the future.

Elizabeth and Karen were privileged to be present for the celebrations to Parish annivmark the first year of Lacluta as a separate slippery poleparish. We thoroughly enjoyed the traditional music and dancing by the elders of the villages, mass with the visiting Baucau Bishop (Bishop Basilio do Nascimento), a shared meal with the community and then the fun of watching the climbing of the greasy pole. In all, the day provided some very special   memories.

Liz & SOLSWith the presence of SOLS 24/7 English Classes in Dilor for the past year our Tetun did not get as much practice as it needed! Rather eager students were keen to ‘Lao  halimar’(Stroll) with us and ‘Koalia Halimar’(Chat).  A very lovely way to pass the time and another way to build those all important relationships that underpin a Friendship. I will finish with a quote from the walls of the SOLS 24/7 building in Dilor:

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” Mother Teresa

May Trip 2015

During May, 2 members of Friends of Lacluta, Andy and Barbara, were lucky enough to travel with Jo and Stephen on a particularly special trip encompassing the Timor Leste districts connected to Wangaratta, Atauro Barry's PlaceIndigo and Mansfield Shires. We also visited the 3rdhighest mountain in TL, Mt Matebian (2316m). The area here is spectacular.

Stephen took many beautiful photos while Jo worked with groups of children to produce fascinating paintings, many using paint and brushes for the first time.

We spent 2 weeks in Lacluta where we visited and distributed supplies to schools in a number of the local sukos (villages). To do this we travelled quite a few kilometCalculators in pre secondarioDilorres along river valleys and up over mountains. It is fascinating to find small communities around the most unlikely corners and amazing to think how far the people walk to get from one place to another.

The Middle School Maths class was delighted to receive 10 scientific calculators funded by 4 girls from Marian College, Myrtleford.

For the 3rd time now More Days for Girls (daysforgirls.org) packs were distributed to girls in Year 10. These packs mean that the girls are more likely to attend school regularly. The girls now know what is coming and are very eager to have their own pack. Thanks to sewing by women in Myrtleford, Wangaratta and many DfG girlsCatholic Women group members around Victoria we have, so far, had an ample supply of these packs.

Aitana kinder (Note the floor)High in a mountain village we found 2 more children with cleft lips and palates. The families of these children have now been connected with the National Hospital in Dili and they will attend a clinic in early August. An older boy who has had his lip mended will now have further work on his palate.


flag raisingA highlight of Barbara’s stay in Lacluta was to attend, on 20th Trad warriorsMay, the local celebration of Restoration of Independence. We were honored by a formal invitation to this ceremony and to have our efforts mentioned by the main speaker, Rui da Costa (Administrator of Lacluta).