Partners and Donors

With the help of partners and donors, large and small, Friends of Lacluta will be able to achieve far more for the Lacluta community. We acknowledge with thanks the following


The Appin Park Rotary Club of Wangaratta

North East Health, Wangaratta

  • More Days for Girls

    Sewing groups in Myrtleford and Wangaratta are busy making 100 – 150 bags to be distributed to girls in Lacluta during 2017. It is inspiring to have so many volunteers at work. Thanks to every one of you.


  • Year 9 Marian College

    The complete Year 9 class from Marian College, Myrtleford ran an amazingly successful fundraising dinner early in Sept 2016. The presentation, food and entertainment was the best to be found almost anywhere. Congratulations and thanks to the students and the teachers who assisted them. The Dinner raised nearly $1000 which the students have allocated to Water and Sanitation works at Lacluta schools. What an effort!


  • June Canavan Foundation

    The June Canavan Foundation has again responded to our request for support. They have donated another $5500. This time towards a Permaculture School Garden in Dilor, Lacluta. This will mean both extra nutrition and education for children and their families. It will also provide employment for one of our successful Tertiary Scholarship students who is just completing his Degree in Agriculture. You are an amazing supporter JCF. Thank you.


  • Do you have…?

    At present we are looking for the following items;

    Manual classroom pencil sharpeners.

    Does your school have these in the back of a cupboard somewhere?

    magnifying eye-glasses

    children’s wheel chairs

    If you can help please contact us by email at <>

    or phone: 0458 191 534


  • Collection Tins

    June 2017, we have almost reached $3500. These Coin Collection tins are working for us. Don’t forget to look for our tins when you are in Myrtleford bakeries, cafes and servos.

    Do you know that we have a wide range of books at Delizie? Swap a gold coin for a book. Another way to help the people of Lacluta and enjoy a good read.

  • Myrtleford Men’s Shed

    The Myrtleford Men’s Shed continues to support Friends of Lacluta.  Their latest efforts include making carrying boxes for school microscopes. Is there anything they cannot do? Many thanks fellows!

  • The Rural City of Wangaratta

    has extended the pledge of a sum of $2000 each year for another 4 years.  This supports 4 Lacluta students each studying a 4 year course at a university in Dili. Congratulations and thanks RCOW!

  • The Uniting Church Bequests Grant Committee of Wangaratta

    continues to support a tertiary scholarship holder through four years of study. Thank you.

Friends of Lacluta

“Friends of Lacluta” is a Friendship Agreement between the Rural City of Wangaratta in Victoria, Australia and Lacluta, which is a sub-district of the East Timor district Viqueque. Lacluta is located about 250km to the east and south of the capital Dili.

Following a proposal by Abel Guterres, Consul-General to Australia, at a meeting with Wangaratta Councillors, the idea of a friendship relationship between Wangaratta and Lacluta was born. A Wangaratta delegation visited East Timor and the relationship was formalised at a signing ceremony in Lacluta on 25 September 2005.

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Friends of Lacluta is to promote friendship between the people of subdistrict Lacluta and those of Wangaratta and surrounding districts. We aim to help empower and grow the capacity of the people of Lacluta in the areas of health, education and democratic, community development”